About the Project

The Slocan Valley Tool Library Co-operative members are grateful to live and work in the homeland of the Autonomous Sinixt. Our goal is to be of service to the community through this project, in accordance with the traditional laws of this abundant place.

What Is a Tool Library?

When you need a tool for just one task, or it's not one you can buy, a community tool library is there to help. Besides access to tools, the library also hosts learning opportunities and brings together do-it-yourselfers to share skills and resources, in an inclusive and non-judgemental environment. Run as co-0perative non-profit organizations, tool libraries also network with each other.

Who We Are

We are 3 residents of different parts of the Slocan Valley who have teamed up to make this a reality. Our backgrounds include home building and renovating, gardening, crafting, natural building, ecological research, and community organizing.

We are currently collaborating with the Vancouver Tool Library. Being located in a big city puts them in a position of having more than enough tool donations and we're grateful for their support. If you are part of a local organization that would like to collaborate with us we are interested in hearing from you.

What's Needed

As a co-operative, the library will need to be supported by it's members and the larger community through volunteer positions, tool donations, and cash either by maintenance fees or donations. We're also seeking public funding. For now, filling out the survey and joining the email list are two ways you can really help out.

Thank you to all!